Your home away from home


Upon completion of registration, campers will be assigned a cabin for the week. This will be their "home" for the next week. Our girls' cabins are located at the end of the main road past the cafeteria. The boys' cabins are located to the right of the lodge on the next road over. Our cabins come with bunk beds with twin sized mattresses. Each of our cabins house eight or nine campers as well as two counselors. Our cabins have A/C, fully equipped bathrooms, and a nice, big, back porch for campers to sit and enjoy nature.  

Cabin Placement

Drawing up our cabin rosters is a thoughtful and deliberate process. During this process, we consider each camper's interests as well as other factors. It is our desire that every camper, regardless of where they are from, will fit in well with their cabin mates, make new friends, and become a close knit family. 

Cabin Teamwork 

Cabin mates work together to maintain the cabin neat and clean. This teaches them responsibility, work ethic, and ownership. But it's not all chores! :) Cabin mates also eat meals together, have worships and evening dialogues together, and have friendly competitions against other cabins. Cabin mates will undoubtedly share rewarding daily experiences that develop friendships unlike any others.