*Camp Yorktown Bay generally discourages visitors during our summer camp program for several reasons. Additional people on camp property means more potential risk to our campers and staff. Often, there is not enough time to conduct thorough background checks and we do not have the staffing necessary to watch visitors in addition to campers. With the busy nature of camp, we would like to keep our attention on our primary focus--the campers. Thank you for understanding."

  • Prior to arrival, all visitors must submit visitor request form and be approved by camp director.

  • All visit request forms must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to desired visit date(s).

  • Upon arrival to camp, all visitors must check in with the office staff in the main building.

  • Before departing from camp, all visitors must check out with the office staff.

  • Visitors are not allowed to bring pets onto our property

  • A visitor badge & lanyard must be worn at all times during the entirety of the visit. 

  • Visitors must be free from any contagious diseases (flu/cold) for at least 48 hrs before visiting.

  • Visitors must stay within the common areas (cafeteria, fire bowl) and must always be in line of sight of camp staff.

  • Visitors are not allowed to attend and/or interfere with daily camper activities.

  • If planning to visit staff, please be sure to visit them on their day off so as not to distract them while at work.

  • A visitor should at no point engage staff members in regards to disagreement or sensitive conversations. A visitor should seek out the camp director to discuss such matters.

  • CYB is not responsible for any injuries, losses, or illnesses that result from a visitor's time at camp.

  • Any visitor not complying with visitor policies will be asked to leave.