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Covid-19 has affected schools and students. Some students have gone to virtual learning this school year while others have gone back to a new way of doing in-person school. Many parents are overwhelmed trying to juggle work and staying on top of their child's school work. CYB staff are here to help! We want to help minimize stress for parents. We want to help your K-8 child learn and stay caught up in school. Our staff will provide tutoring sessions this spring semester beginning on January 11th, 2021.

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When you decide to enroll in our tutoring program, you will be given a passcode to come back to this page and request to book a tutoring session with one of our tutors. You can request to book on their available dates and times. If you decide you like one specific tutor and would like that specific tutor to work with your child going forward, that will need to be arranged with the specific tutor. Tutoring can be used for help with student's assignments or maybe you just want the tutor to help you practice your multiplication tables, spelling words, or reading comprehension.



After you book a tutoring session with our staff, you will need an electronic device, preferably a computer, and access to Zoom. Our tutors will initiate all tutoring sessions via their provided zoom accounts. After booking a session with a tutor, you will receive an email from the tutor with the zoom link and details. Tutoring sessions are scheduled for 1 hour time slots. This is the maximum time for a scheduled session. You are welcome to book as many sessions as you'd like throughout the semester.



We have a limited amount of tutors and therefore will only take a limited amount of students. Booking specific tutors will be on a first come first serve basis and tutors will be available beginning on January 11th through May 21st, 2021. You can book a tutor as far in advance as 10 days and as little in advance as 24 hours. A new enrollment into the CYB tutoring academy will be required for each semester.



Online K-8 grade Tutoring

We have tutors for grade levels from kindergarten to 8th grade. 


Plenty of Tutoring Subjects

Our tutors can help in a variety of subjects including, Math, English, and Reading.


Maximum Tutoring Opportunities

Our tutoring sessions are available 6 days a week (Sunday-Friday) during the semester


CYB tutoring pricE

Typical tutoring services can be very expensive. However, we understand families have been affected differently due to Covid-19. Therefore we are only charging a ONE-TIME registration fee of $10 per student. The $10 grants the student access to as many tutoring session as needed with our tutors throughout the Spring 2021 school semester (January 11th - May 21st). If you desire, there is an option for you to give a donation in the amount of your choice that would go directly for scholarship funds for our CYB tutors to help them complete their college degrees. The donation is completely optional and is not a requirement to participate in our program.






Students will get the extra help they need to better understand class material and to stay on top of their class work. Our friendly staff will help you better understand homework & course content.


Parents, you do a lot  to help your children stay on task with school. But you need a break every now and again. Why not let our CYB tutors give you that break and let us help your child learn and stay ahead.


This program benefits our CYB tutors as well. With your donations, they will be provided with scholarships that will help them pay for their school tuition and complete their degree.



Bentonville, AR

"The tutor we selected has been so patient and knowledgeable with our daughter with math." She is very thorough with her lessons. The tutoring is helping boost my daughter's  confidence  in math as it is not her favorite subject. I really appreciate this service and hopefully this ministry can continue even after the pandemic.



Shreveport, LA

"This tutoring program is a blessing! When I received the flyer, I immediately thought to enroll my son. My son has really liked it and it has helped him. The tutoring sessions have all been beneficial for his progress in school. Without a doubt, this program really has capable tutors who are willing to help our kids. I thank and congratulate those who thought to create this program. "


Harrison, TN

"My child is currently enrolled in an online curriculum. He requires assistance with 100%  of his work, and he likes to make straight A's, but lacks the confidence to do so on his own. Due to financial reasons, I could not afford to hire a tutor  for my child and was at a loss for what to do when we got the CYB tutoring flyer in the mail. My child has really grown to like his tutor and has done better keeping up in classes. It has been an answer to prayer to be included in this tutoring program. Please continue offering this service.

Meet The CYB Tutors

IMPORTANT: You must first register above before booking an appointment below with a tutor. An appointment requires a registration passcode.


Catalina Rivas

School: SWAU

Major: Elementary Education

Tutor Subjects: Math, Reading, Spanish, Spelling 

Tutor Grades: K-4


Summer Litten

School: Southern Adventist Univ

Major: Mathematics, Education

Tutor Subjects: Math, Bible, English, Spelling, Reading

Tutor Grades: 4-8


Brian Smith

School: Univ of TN, Chatanooga

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Tutor Subjects: Math, Science, Reading, History, Bible, English

Tutor Grades: K-8


Zach Licon

School: Walla Walla University

Major: Finance

Tutor Subjects: Math, Science, History, Spelling

Tutor Grades: 3rd-8th


Nikki Litten

School: Southern Adventist Univ.

Major: Business Administration

Tutor Subjects: Math, Reading, Bible, English

Tutor Grades: 3-7th


Kelsie Tucker

School: Southern Adventist Univ.

Major: Nursing

Tutor Subjects: Math, Science, Reading, History, Bible, spelling

Tutor Grades: K-8